Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School suppies

This is a very hot subject this time of year. I myself think my kids need the stuff to help them learn and know its inportant for them to have but at the same time the schools need to understand that we(parents) are not made of money either. My kids school has added the school rules to a homework agenda that they say is a must have and has to by purchased at school($8) will I have faced this problem for a few years now and still refuse to pay such a high price for something that is only use like one week. Also just a day planner from the Dollar tree or a .25 cent composition note book(on sale at walmart) would work just fine to write homework in. Sure its only $8 well That's alot of money to just throw way to me because that's what they are asking us to do due to the fact that its not used and there is a cheaper alliterative. My list even has the name brands that they want the kids to have and its not the cheap kind either. They need to stop and think about what they are asking. So many people live on one income or less right now and have 2 to 4 kids to buy supplies for, that really adds up the brands and package size should not be on the list, it should just say something like paper,colors not 12ct colors and penway 280ct paper..
Then there is the extras such as kleenx, germ x and lysol wipes. Those items alone jsut on of each will be $10/$15 but they go as far as saying the brand,the size and that they need 3 of each. Come on teachers and school advisers we are not made of money either. Most of use wants you to have the kleenx for snot, the lysol wipes to kill germs to keep our kids from being sick but they germx well I dont like the stuff soap and water is what I think they need to use.(but I still send it) Well anyway asking for a certin size,brand and amount is asking a little to much to go alonger with all the other stuff they kids need for school.

WHY can't the list be sent out at the end of the school year or at least be put on the schools website so parents know what they will have to face onice school has started for the new year. Sure you would think its the same list or close to it each year but its not(or here anyway) year 1 inch binders the next 3 inch and the next back to the 1 inch and yes the teachers fuss on the kids if the stuff is not right.......what happen to just plain oh paper folders(lots cheaper)? Dose it effect the way a child learns I dont think so...

All to often the schools and the teachers make this lsit and put their MUST!! on the list so the parents will think if I dont get this 3 inch binder instead of the cheaper paper ones or whatever else on the list the school board will not like it. BUT that is not true. The school board told me that the list is just a "go by list that all the kids need is basic school supplies. So it is ok to use the paper folders I know they dont last all year but the binders dont either but cost way more. So don't fall for the list trick and think that you have to buy the stuff thats on the list when there is cheaper alliterative that wont leave you with no gas money or food for the week. Call the teachers on it ask why cant they use paper folders and dotn fall for the "ALL" the other kids will have this crap thats what they say to all the other parents that ask ask in group and make it ok for other to hear you ask for I think alot of parents want to ask but are scared their child will not be trated the same by the teacher if they do.

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