Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My kids

walgreens 4 days sale

Well here is the good news walgreens is having a 4 day sale starting today.. I saw a ad and there is some pretty good deals to be had but the bad news is that is the sale is not at every walgreens, so you will have to call or drop by yours to see if they are part of the sale...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walmart and free brownie mix

No your eyes are not playing jokes on you. This week you can get free brownie mix at walmart, well buy one get one free that is, with the .75 on two boxes of brownie coupons in today's paper...this is a great deal.. Duncan Hines and Betty crocker are 75 cents a box this get your coupons and stock up..

We all love brownies..even if we don't need them LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Make money at home online work

Just click on the cashcrate banner to your right and you will be on your way to making money. Its free to join and its easy to earn your online cash..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learn to swim, Julia style

Will you would think that learning to swim would be easy but its not..Here is a few pictures to help you learn..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to set up a Free blog

Ok if you like my blog you can have one yourself, it totally free. All you need to do is go here to sign up and take a few minutes to get your blog going. This blog set up is very easy to use,so you will be blogging in just minutes..You get to name your on ulr(blog web link) and the name of your own blog, which I think is cool..Then since its a goggle blog you can browse around and learn more things about goggle that you may not have know before like how goggle became and so don't just set there come on and blog with me....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Funny things a 3 year old can do

Saturday my 3 year old Alex came in just as I refilled the frig drawer with Capri sun, well there was one cold one left. He dug down and found that one cold one, but he kelped digging looking for his dad a cold one as he sat there on his knees I heard him say 'well sorry' he got up shut the door took one cold and one hot, but he came running back in and handed me the cold on and said open it please any other time he would have gave it to his dad to open.....see even at three he already knew as he sat there on the floor on his knees that being that it was 109 his dad was not getting to only cold one he could find..

Snapple coupons B1G1 free

This is a great coupon to print and use. This is good tasting stuff for any of you that have not had it before. So go heas and try it now..
Hurry I dont know how long it will be on its a buy one get one free snapple coupon great if you have a cent off one for the first one you have to buy also. Dont put in a zip code thats how I found it. This one you can print two of...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boy, Men and laundry

I would just like to say I hate doing laundry, well the putting it up part. I make my older boys do their own laundry all but the towels and being that we have the pool open now the towel laundry seems to have doubled even with me saying hang them up on the porch and reuse them. I have done 3 loads of laundry this morning,and I have one in there now, where dose it all come from? Thank god I have enough laundry soap and snuggle from all the past great coupons I have found to last for months...Men don't think they even have to get in all the way in the hamper so that's why my boys do their own now,so maybe when they are grown they will not think laundry is the wife's job..LOL I have more lundry stuff since those pictures were took, but you get the ideal of what I have.. all at pennies on the dallar..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Making Money online

One way to make money online is cascrate, see the post below. Then you can wirte for many online companies and make money that way also. I know I am by no means a writer either but Bright Hub is a good place to start for you can write on just about anything that you know about and as often as you like. Them more your writting post get clicked on the more you will earn each month. Its a good place to start..I mean what could it hurt its free to write and post so all it will cost is a few minutes a day of your time, and you can get a check in the mail. Hey even if that check is $30 it adds up, $30 is alot when you need it and don't have it..

You can checkout this website work place like home for more ways to work at home...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where to find coupons

As you may know its not easy to come up with coupons that you would use. One good way to find the coupons you need is to join this free website it not to easy to use at first but it is really a great way to find coupons for the products you buy.
Then there is going to the products website, often they will have printable coupons on there, but if not just contact them and ask if they have a mailing list that you can be but on for coupons because you love so and so product of theirs and would like to try new products from them.
You can print coupons from, red plum and smart source also..check them every few days to see if a different one might have been added that you can use, and try different zip codes also.. These three have new coupons at the first of the month but during the month they add a new one sometimes or reset the ones you may have already printed so you can print them again..If you find a coupon on there that you think you will use you need to print it for it maybe to late 3 days latter.
You can also buy coupons off of ebay and clipping services but aware and don't get scammed with the ones that are free products for often those are not real, some are but there is flake one floating around also. If you are buying free product coupons on ebay just check to see how many of that coupon the seller has for most of the time the products maker will only send out ONE free product coupon to each address.
Make sure to check the date and that the coupons are manufacture coupons not printable one never buy those for they are going to be fake when you get them for they print and copy the hot coupons to make a fast buck but when you them they will be fake and if they happen to work for you the store will not get paid for the coupon and this will soon make the store stop taking printables,and you will lose out on saving.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hcg and weigthloss

You will hate yourself if you don't give this a try. I am telling you it works. I don't sell this or make one cent for sending you to this website to checkout the product. Click here to go to the facebook page where people just like me and you are losing a half to 2 pounds a day with this program. The only thing that I know is wrong is they say you will lose more than most people do, on average you will lose about a half of a pound a day and other days you will drop one to two pounds. All you do is take the drops and follow the program and the weight will come off. I lost almost 25 pounds on my frist round that was like 32 days, I am hoping to start round 2 in the next week or so.
Ok this website dose charge a little to much for the drops but you can learn so much from the facebook page and then buy your drops off of ebay for a third of the cost, just make sure they have a DNC number and date on the bottles before you buy them.
Please know that this dose work. I am sure you are like me and tried about everything there is to try and nothing worked, BUT this dose. I knwo it sounds to good to be true but its not. I have a borderline thyroid and other health problems thst affects my weightloss but this still worked for me. My money is very inprotant to me and I would not send you to use this if I did not have tons of faith in the product. Just read and know what the rules are and use the drops and you will see for yourself. You can get a bottle on ebay for like $23 and free shipping. So please check it out...if you have any questions I will be happy to help.. you can post a comment here with a email address and I will get back to you.
P.S there is hcg shots at some Dr offices but they say the drops work jsut as well and cost less...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to make some easy money online

We all need a little extra money now days and here is a way to do that. All you need to do is sign up for free here There is several ways to earn money, one way is to complete free offers from the pages and pages of them you never have to buy anything. Then you can take surveys about things like pet food,cell phones and more to earn your free money. The way that will be by far the best is to get your family,friends,neighbors and ect to join and be active for when they make money you make money without doing a single thing.

Ok maybe you have tried these types of things before and got spamed with phone calls. I know how to fix that for you, go here and set you up a FREE email phone number so your home phone will never ring. Its a real working number but it is a voice mail that you can check online on your on time.

and if you hate email spam just check out free gmail,aol,hotmail, and there is many others that you can get a free email account from to use in the offers so you dont get spammed at your main email address..

This is not joke you can earn eatra money in minutes a day..they have a place on the site that you can see real pitures of checks that members have been paid. You dont have to gave any ss# or bank account numbers, but you need to use your real name, address and email when you join here
so you can get you check each month.

To learn more about working at home check this website out This one is a little hard to get at first but hang around you will catch on fast and start making money...