Saturday, November 20, 2010

My stockpile

This is still not all of the stuff. I keep finding really checp stuff that we use often so its hard not to take the stores up on the sell when I have coupons to go with it that makes it almost free. I mean why buy one and pay full price when I can get 4 for the pirce of one if not free.

Today I got 20 cans of Del Monte green beans for .20 a can, why not when they cost $1.12 regular price..4 big bottles of scope for .99 each after price matching and coupons was $3.89 each..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I post about my twins often but not about my older boys, so here they are..Rusty the one in the blue looks like Julia and Kyle is the spitting image of Alex, when kyle was his age but Rusty was also. Rusty and kyle looked like twins when they were small but around 4 they started to change..


Onice again the kroger mega sales are over. I Love these sells for you can really stock up when you do our math for next to nothing. I cant wait to see what will come one the next kroger mega in about 5 months from now. I free tape for my chritmas gifts, cheap dog food and I just dont know what all. I went several times and would come out with a over filled buggy thanks to the sale and coupons for around $40 i mean this would have been $300 to $400 without the sale and coupons..I love this sell..
Thanks to all my friends at I can find out the deals without having to drive 40 minutes one way just to scan the store to see whats on sale but not in the sales book..I love this website and these sales,so thanks Kroger for having these great sales and thanks all you hotcouponworld users for your post on the mega sale items.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok most of us have found our way to ebay. Some of sell and buy where other only buy. I would like to leave a message here for those of you that only buy. Its not FREE for us to list,sell or receive paypal money. It cost for use to list a item even if it dont sell, then if it dose we have to pay another fee, then when you pay use we have to pay another fee, then we have to ship the please know that the aount you pay in shipping we have to pay a fee on that to to paypal, so if the amount is $4.95 for a flat rate enive well we sellers really have to pay a few cents on that becuase paypal takes a % of that $4.95 from us as well as from the amount you pay us for the item.
Then you guys turn around and dont leave us 5 stars on everything. Check the post mark if we shipped the day after you pay then that should be 5 stars, if we answer your questions within 24 hours by ebay rules commuaction should be 5 stars(I get back to you 99% of the time in a few hours if it takes that long).If you send it at midnight of course it could be the next afternoon before some sellers that work all day can get back to you..If you dont know what it cost to ship your package however the sleer shipped it look it up!some leave less than 5 stars on that just because they dont like what the shipping costed which is not far to the sellers. We dont like what it cost either because it hurts the final sale price of the item we are selling.You know we all do it as buyers add the price and the shipping to see if we think the item is worth that amount..Item description please before you leave less than a 5 star on this one reread the listing! I my self have bought items before buy jsut a quick look at the item picture and the WORDS without really reading them then I get hte item and its not what I thought was comming so I go back and reread to find that the item is just what they said it was, so like it or not that was my fault so a 5 star is gave to the seller.
Those stars are very important to a seller and just one buyer leaveing less than 5 stars for anything could hurt the seller placement and keep them from every reaching the first few pages of the search, which I dont feel is fair if a buyer in the past was just leaving less than 5 for the above reasons or because someone has done the same ot them as a seller and they have a 4.5 instead of a 5 on their seller dashboard which is what lets them make it to the first page...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free GAS

Yes I said free gas! For some of you out there you already know that coupons can save you money on food and things but now coupons can also give you a few dollars of free gas from time to time. Who don't need free gas sure it may not be but a gallon or so but for me that's 20 milies or gas for free. I have here a link to Murphy USA and they give out coupons each month for gas and other items, so join its free to join and you can save few dollars. Most of the time you can print more than one of the gas coupons so if you have more than one car or fill up often it could add up fast for you...Murphy USA is the gas station at walmart so if you use a gift card to pay you can even save a few more dollars like .03 on the gallon I think it is. To all you non coupon believers out there I am sorry I took up your time but if you shopped like I do with coupons you would be a coupon believer.. All my cents add up big time each month! yours could to.

click here to sign up

kroger mega sales finds for you

MEGA DEAL items (you must buy in groups of 10 to get stated price the tag will be red)

Make sure to use you Kroger card before any coupons are scaned or they will not double the coupons!

Make sure to save my blog link in your favorites before you print a IP(internet coupon) for it may not open in a new window on some of the IP's(if you have not printed coupons before you may have to download a file to do so)..only two IP's from each computer are allowed(please don't copy these IP's on a copy machine for the ones you coy will be fake) but the ones you print are not.

These final prices are with the q's doubled and in groups of 10 items.(sale trems)

when you buy 2 $149 box

pepperide farm cookies
=$1.26 a pack less if you have the .50/1

than use the $5 olay coupon from P&G gets
you body wash for free its on sale for $5
Than use the free body spray when you buy secret.

Life or cap n crunch cereal
-.50 q
= .78 a box

Jello or pudding
.79(the big box)
=.29 a box

Blue diamond Almond Brezze
-$2 q
= .01 MM(money maker)or(overage)

Toaster strudels
$1 each

$2.50 Advil Pain Reliever, 20-24 ct
-$2 IP=.50

$1.29 BestLife Buttery Spread
-$1 insert 10-17 RP or IP =.29

.50 Campbells Cream of Mushroom or Chicken
-$1.50/3 IP OR
-.40/2 insert 10-3 SS
= FREE or .10 per can

.99 cambells sleact harvest or chunky soups (canned or bowel type)
-.50/1 q
= .50 each or b1g1free

.69 Carnation Milk
-.50/2 insert 9-26 SS
= .38 for 2 or .19 each

$1 Colgate Plus toothbrush
-$1 IP =FREE

$1.49 Dannon Yogurt, 4-6 ct or 32 oz
-$.50 Danamials 10-10 SS
= .49 drinkables are also his price

$1.49 Dannon Yogurt
-$1 (use zip 77477)

$.50 Gatorade or G2, 32 oz
-$1/2 tearpad

.75 Honest Tea, 16.9 oz
-.50 IP or tearpad
= FREE (small MM)

.75 Hormel Chili Select Varieties, 15 oz
-.55/2 Kroger ecoupon OR
-.75 Kroger ecoupon
-.75 IP or IP
= FREE (possible MM)

$1.99 Imagine Broth, 32 oz
-$1 insert 10-17 SS

$1.49 Krusteaz Cookie Mix
-$1 insert 10-10 SS

$1.99 Krusteaz Muffin or Pancake Mix
-.50 pancake insert 8-22 or 10-10 SS
$.50 each

.50 Nestlé Hot Cocoa, 8-10 ct
-$1 wyb Nestle cocoa and jet Puffed marshmallows All You
= $.50 or .25 each There is also a tearpad in the stroe for when you buy both

$8.49 Prilosec
-$4 Kroger ecoupon
-$3 insert 10-31 PG
= $1.49 (some have satisfaction guarantee and $5 in coupons inside)

$1 Pringles Multigrain
-$1/2 Kroger ecoupon
-$1/2 insert 10-31 PG

.50 Propel Fitness Water Select Varieties, 24 oz

$1 Scotch Mounting squares
-.50 IP

$1 Scotch Pop Up Refills
-$1 insert 8-8 SS

$1.49 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
-$1/2 insert 9-19 RP
= $ 1.98/2

$2.03 Quaker Oatmeal
-$2 facebook IP (no longer available)

.50 Ricola Cough Drops, 19-24 ct
-$1/2 insert 10-17 SS

$1 Right Guard
-bogo insert 10-31 RP
= .50 for 2 or .25 each

$.79 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta
-$1/2 Kroger ecoupon
-$1 facebook
=FREE (small MM)

.38 Skinner Pasta 12 oz

.75 Stove Top Stuffing Select Varieties, 6 oz
-b4g1 tearpad

.50 Swanson Broth or Campbell's Gravy 14.5 oz cans
-.50/5 insert 11-7 SS

.99 Whiska Temptations
-.55 blinkie
=.44 each (catalina for $1 wyb 6? not sure end date)

NON Mega Sale deals
some of these may have a tag that says 10/$10 but you will only pay $1 a item if you buy 1, these do not have to be in groups of 10..

$1.09 Bounty Basic towels
-$1 Kroger ecoupon
= .09

$1.39 Dawn Hand Renewal
-.50 Kroger ecoupon
-.50 insert 10-31 PG
= FREE (small MM)

$1 Dole Fruit in glass jar
-.50 IP=FREE

$1.25 Fage Yogurt
-.50 IP

$.99 Franks RedHot sauce
-$1 insert 10-3 SS
=FREE (coupon will beep) some may have .50/1 q and the item cost $1.25 before q(coupon) but .25 for on bottle is still great price.

.88 Green Giant boxed veggies
-.60/3 Kroger ecoupon
-.50 IP O

Green Gaint can corn(certin kind so beusre to look)
makes them .50 a cann or b1g1free(these are about $1.50 regular price even at wamlmart)

banquet Apple pies
.79 regular
-.35 q
.09 each

$1.29 Ivory soap
-.50 Kroger ecoupon
-.50 insert 10-31 PG
=Free (small MM)

$1.99 Kikkoman Soy sauce
-$1 Kroger ecoupon
-$1 IP ?(have not confirmed same kind)

$.75 Mahatma rice packets
-.50 insert 10-24 RP

.89 Martha White muffin mix
-.35 IP (use zip 90210)

$1.99 Pampers wipes
-$1 Kroger ecoupon
-$1 homemailer

$1.19 Safeguard soap
-.50 Kroger ecoupon
-.35 insert 10-31 PG
= Free (small MM)

$1 Sierra Mist Natural
-$1 Randalls Thanksgiving booklet

$4.29 Tampax Pearl
-$2 kroger ecoupon
-$1 insert

$5.99 Tide Stain Release
-$3 Kroger ecoupon
-$2 insert 10-31 PG
= .99

$6.79 or $6.99 Vicks Sinex
-$4 Kroger ecoupon
-$4 insert 10-31 PG
= FREE (small MM)

.80 Yakisoba
-.50 insert 10-10 SS

$2 Zest bar soap
-.50 Kroger ecoupon
-.35 insert 10-31 PG

sinex nose spray
-$4 P&G q

keep in mind that prices maybe a little different at your store a few cents higher or lower than mine.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween has came and gone

This time my two knew just what to do and lots of fun doing it. I thought they would be scared of of the scarey things out that night but no they loved it.

Birthday Time

Yes its birthday time again. It sone seem like the twins should be 4 but they are. I now miss those tiny little babies..

Its Fall of the year again

ok i know its Fall but where did the great fall weather go. We have had some out right cold nights already 20 and 50 in the daytime..I like the few days we had of 70 in the day time and 50 at night.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My kids

Go free shopping with coupons

Ok take a look aroung my blog and join some of my links on the right.. YOu can learn to shop for almost free with coupons at and you can make a few dollars on the other links..Cashcrate is a good one but have a junk email to use to sign up for all the stuff on there and a get you a online phone number HERE so they dont call you to death, you can check these calls, messages online when you chose to or not.
Only sign up for two or three of these a day so they wil get approved if you do to mnay to fast they wil not approve..I only do hte free ones. You will get a check onice you reach $20 unless you raise the amount to more.This is a real paying websit, and the checks are good.

Kroger Mega sales

Yes I know Kroger is to high for me also. I love their Mega sales but you have to know what you are doing. Mega sales are where you buy ten of any of these cartin items they have marked as being on the Mega sale and get a extra $5. Dont get these items mixed up with the 10/$10 items for they are two different in store sales, and by the way you dont have to buy 10 to get that item for $1..
I love these sales becuase if you pair coupons up with the items you can get many things for free or for just a few cents..Like Danimals drinkable smoothies for kids they are $1.49 if you by 10 a total of 10 items on the mega sale list then you pair that price with a $1/1 coupon or .50/1 that doubles to $1 those only cost you .49/1 box of you could get 4/5 boxes for what one cost regluar price. My store doubles 8 like coupons but you will need to check to see what your store rules are. You can get as many lots of 10 items that you want and get the extra $5 off, this $5 gives you the final sale pirce of like the danimal $1.49 then your coupon makes it 49/1.
It is tricky to shop there on these sales but well worth it..Also most of these items on the Mega sales are usually on sale for two weeks, the week they are in the sales book and the week after, so if you get on collecting your coupons you can rack up beofre its over.
I just got $329 for 37.98 the other day and I had a huge buggy full and it was not junk foods either..I had lots of Green gaint corn,sinex nose spray,cough drops,advil,Danimals,soups and the list just gose on..
You can learn more about these sales and the use of coupons if you join the link to your right. This is a great site,a little hard to use at first but just hang in there you will get it in no time..