Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well its almost here again. When I was a kid it seemed to take forever for Christmas to get here now its here and gone in the blink of a eye. I wish I could shop for my kids like I really want to but on one income that is really hard to do but at the same time I know that we are lucky to have one income for so many families dont right now. When I was a kid we never had much for Christmas and it was always what we needed not what we wantted that we got even as a very small child thats how it was. My grandmother would buy a huge bag of scoks and everyone got one pair if they fit or not. As I look back now I know that we were not as bad off as my grandparents made us think and feel like we were because I remember things they done for themselves that cost $$ but the kids done without so they could have those items so as a I see that if anyone has things they want its my kids to some point. Well me and my cousin Christy was just happy not to get beat yes I said beat for nothing on that day by our grand dad. The gifts were never much to look forward to but the candy box was always great..This was the only time that we got fresh fruit,nuts and candy, no i am not kidding..They would have a box under my grand parents bed with a bag or oranges,apples, and thre or four bags of nuts then some cnady that we got to eat after the gifts were open and let me tell you non went to waste. My mom lived with me but she was treated like a kid also she had no say so about things and pretty much done what they told her to(she was 21 when I was born),she worked and they took her check...As a grown up I try to do my kids the way I would have liked to be done when I was a child and there is no way in hell anyone would ever give them the kind of beatings we had as a child. Yes I am upset at my mom about all those years but I know that all the things I went threw as a child made me the person I am today.
Sorry I guess this is a vent of sort. I was setting here looking at my tree and just started thinking about things plus I have a brother that is 11 years younger then me that never had it as bad as I did because I was a bold at 13 and made changes by taking a stand on the the beatings with a crowbar in my hand(that I would have used) but even tho he had it somewhat better than I did he know has step kids that he treats almost as bad as I was as a child. He is lazy dont work their mom works part time but cant afford Christams gift on her pay and live so she has to ask the state, churches and such for help. The kids will get a gift but more and likely nothing they really want, then he dont beat them but he talks to them like they are crap(just as bad) He wont even let them drink things if they are thristy on when he thinks they need a drink even water. He fixes there plate and they must eat everything on it or set there until they do and they cant ever eat between meals.

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