Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coupon OCD

Ok I kid you not. I think I have some form of Coupon OCD for I cant shop without coupons in my hand. I only buy things that we use, so I am not wasting money on things we dont use just because I have a coupon like I hear so many people tell me they will do. I cant stop shopping for I keep getting things for free or for only pennies on the dollar. I dont have much room for stockpile stuff so this makes for a problem for me. I dont have a room or my carport packed with stuff but I do have alot of stuff all the same. My teen boys friends say my house is like a store,LOL they ask for something and I have something close to it if I dont have the item. I tell them thats becuase each family uses about the same items and that we swap from item to item is I have a couopon and its cheaper as long as the item is as good or taste as good as the brand we would have had to pay full price for. I tell them that with coupons and sales I can get 5 of something that where everyone else will get one for that same cost, so since I know we will use I take the 5 items..
Like Kroger the past few weeks they have just been giving things away. Pizza rolls which my kids love were on sale for .94 the 15ct I had .50/1 coupons that doubled so those were free. Chef boyardee was only like .12 with my coupons..then this week they have e coupons for charmin $2 and bounty paper towels $2 and they are on sale for $5.99 so that coupon makes them $3.99 each then I have kroger cats(kroger money) for $3 so I will pay .99 and tax for 12 double rolls of Tp and .99 for 8 mega rolls of bounty paper stcok up time! well I can get two of each..

I hear people talking all the time about how much thinsg cost and what they have to do without because of the price of things but I dont see those people shop with even one coupon.. Like today there was a story about this poor family on my internet home page that made me was about how they could hardly feed themself and 3 kids because they both lost their job and are on unemplyment.. well they have a car payment sell that! buy a cheap one that will have no payment! down grade all the things you can if not turn them off such as internet,cable, cell phones I am for down grading to the basic packages but if I still could not make then cut them off.
The women made $20 a hour the man was doing construction work so he was making ok money to. With to uneployment checks I would say they still bring in $600 a week which is pretty good money for around here. I think they need to stop trying to keep up with the Jones so to say and live in their means...(like so many other need to)
They need to PICK up a FEW coupons and make some changes in their life instead of telling other what a hard time they are having so maybe they can get handouts from everyone..People like this needs to wake up smell the coffee for alot of use live on what they do each week and we are not blaming all our problems on that..Oh yeh they are saying they are heading for dorvice becasue of money, I say thats crap for they are not that broke yet with $600 a week comming in, they are heading ofr dorvice because they are with each other 24/7 since there is no job in the house..LOL They need to grow up!
That was a vent I guess...just sick of hearing about all this as if we have $1,000's to live on each week. We live on what they do each week and we make the most of it.

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