Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where to find coupons

As you may know its not easy to come up with coupons that you would use. One good way to find the coupons you need is to join this free website it not to easy to use at first but it is really a great way to find coupons for the products you buy.
Then there is going to the products website, often they will have printable coupons on there, but if not just contact them and ask if they have a mailing list that you can be but on for coupons because you love so and so product of theirs and would like to try new products from them.
You can print coupons from, red plum and smart source also..check them every few days to see if a different one might have been added that you can use, and try different zip codes also.. These three have new coupons at the first of the month but during the month they add a new one sometimes or reset the ones you may have already printed so you can print them again..If you find a coupon on there that you think you will use you need to print it for it maybe to late 3 days latter.
You can also buy coupons off of ebay and clipping services but aware and don't get scammed with the ones that are free products for often those are not real, some are but there is flake one floating around also. If you are buying free product coupons on ebay just check to see how many of that coupon the seller has for most of the time the products maker will only send out ONE free product coupon to each address.
Make sure to check the date and that the coupons are manufacture coupons not printable one never buy those for they are going to be fake when you get them for they print and copy the hot coupons to make a fast buck but when you them they will be fake and if they happen to work for you the store will not get paid for the coupon and this will soon make the store stop taking printables,and you will lose out on saving.

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