Friday, June 4, 2010

Hcg and weigthloss

You will hate yourself if you don't give this a try. I am telling you it works. I don't sell this or make one cent for sending you to this website to checkout the product. Click here to go to the facebook page where people just like me and you are losing a half to 2 pounds a day with this program. The only thing that I know is wrong is they say you will lose more than most people do, on average you will lose about a half of a pound a day and other days you will drop one to two pounds. All you do is take the drops and follow the program and the weight will come off. I lost almost 25 pounds on my frist round that was like 32 days, I am hoping to start round 2 in the next week or so.
Ok this website dose charge a little to much for the drops but you can learn so much from the facebook page and then buy your drops off of ebay for a third of the cost, just make sure they have a DNC number and date on the bottles before you buy them.
Please know that this dose work. I am sure you are like me and tried about everything there is to try and nothing worked, BUT this dose. I knwo it sounds to good to be true but its not. I have a borderline thyroid and other health problems thst affects my weightloss but this still worked for me. My money is very inprotant to me and I would not send you to use this if I did not have tons of faith in the product. Just read and know what the rules are and use the drops and you will see for yourself. You can get a bottle on ebay for like $23 and free shipping. So please check it out...if you have any questions I will be happy to help.. you can post a comment here with a email address and I will get back to you.
P.S there is hcg shots at some Dr offices but they say the drops work jsut as well and cost less...

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