Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok most of us have found our way to ebay. Some of sell and buy where other only buy. I would like to leave a message here for those of you that only buy. Its not FREE for us to list,sell or receive paypal money. It cost for use to list a item even if it dont sell, then if it dose we have to pay another fee, then when you pay use we have to pay another fee, then we have to ship the please know that the aount you pay in shipping we have to pay a fee on that to to paypal, so if the amount is $4.95 for a flat rate enive well we sellers really have to pay a few cents on that becuase paypal takes a % of that $4.95 from us as well as from the amount you pay us for the item.
Then you guys turn around and dont leave us 5 stars on everything. Check the post mark if we shipped the day after you pay then that should be 5 stars, if we answer your questions within 24 hours by ebay rules commuaction should be 5 stars(I get back to you 99% of the time in a few hours if it takes that long).If you send it at midnight of course it could be the next afternoon before some sellers that work all day can get back to you..If you dont know what it cost to ship your package however the sleer shipped it look it up!some leave less than 5 stars on that just because they dont like what the shipping costed which is not far to the sellers. We dont like what it cost either because it hurts the final sale price of the item we are selling.You know we all do it as buyers add the price and the shipping to see if we think the item is worth that amount..Item description please before you leave less than a 5 star on this one reread the listing! I my self have bought items before buy jsut a quick look at the item picture and the WORDS without really reading them then I get hte item and its not what I thought was comming so I go back and reread to find that the item is just what they said it was, so like it or not that was my fault so a 5 star is gave to the seller.
Those stars are very important to a seller and just one buyer leaveing less than 5 stars for anything could hurt the seller placement and keep them from every reaching the first few pages of the search, which I dont feel is fair if a buyer in the past was just leaving less than 5 for the above reasons or because someone has done the same ot them as a seller and they have a 4.5 instead of a 5 on their seller dashboard which is what lets them make it to the first page...

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