Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free GAS

Yes I said free gas! For some of you out there you already know that coupons can save you money on food and things but now coupons can also give you a few dollars of free gas from time to time. Who don't need free gas sure it may not be but a gallon or so but for me that's 20 milies or gas for free. I have here a link to Murphy USA and they give out coupons each month for gas and other items, so join its free to join and you can save few dollars. Most of the time you can print more than one of the gas coupons so if you have more than one car or fill up often it could add up fast for you...Murphy USA is the gas station at walmart so if you use a gift card to pay you can even save a few more dollars like .03 on the gallon I think it is. To all you non coupon believers out there I am sorry I took up your time but if you shopped like I do with coupons you would be a coupon believer.. All my cents add up big time each month! yours could to.

click here to sign up

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