Monday, November 8, 2010

Kroger Mega sales

Yes I know Kroger is to high for me also. I love their Mega sales but you have to know what you are doing. Mega sales are where you buy ten of any of these cartin items they have marked as being on the Mega sale and get a extra $5. Dont get these items mixed up with the 10/$10 items for they are two different in store sales, and by the way you dont have to buy 10 to get that item for $1..
I love these sales becuase if you pair coupons up with the items you can get many things for free or for just a few cents..Like Danimals drinkable smoothies for kids they are $1.49 if you by 10 a total of 10 items on the mega sale list then you pair that price with a $1/1 coupon or .50/1 that doubles to $1 those only cost you .49/1 box of you could get 4/5 boxes for what one cost regluar price. My store doubles 8 like coupons but you will need to check to see what your store rules are. You can get as many lots of 10 items that you want and get the extra $5 off, this $5 gives you the final sale pirce of like the danimal $1.49 then your coupon makes it 49/1.
It is tricky to shop there on these sales but well worth it..Also most of these items on the Mega sales are usually on sale for two weeks, the week they are in the sales book and the week after, so if you get on collecting your coupons you can rack up beofre its over.
I just got $329 for 37.98 the other day and I had a huge buggy full and it was not junk foods either..I had lots of Green gaint corn,sinex nose spray,cough drops,advil,Danimals,soups and the list just gose on..
You can learn more about these sales and the use of coupons if you join the link to your right. This is a great site,a little hard to use at first but just hang in there you will get it in no time..

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